Dr. Vasili Kharashun

Dr. Kharashun is a member of the Czech Dental Chamber (ČSK).

In 2006 he graduated in Dentistry at the Belarusian State Medical University in Minsk.

At present, Dr. Kharashun is head of the dental clinic Stomatologie Chodov, where he focuses on modern aesthetic stomatology and full mouth reconstruction.

He regularly participates in professional seminars, courses and training.


2000 - 2006: Faculty of Medicine BSMU, specialization in Dentistry.
2007: Specialized courses in preservation dentistry and 3M ESPE prosthetics.
2008: Postgraduate education in Preservation Dentistry at the Department of General Dentistry, BSMU.
2009 - 2011: Faculty of Dentistry, BSMU, specialization in Prosthetic dentistry.
2012: Certificate of Recognition of Foreign Higher Education Qualification in the Czech Republic.
2012: Professional qualification for dental practice in the Czech Republic; member of the ČSK (Czech Dental Chamber).

Work experience

2006 - 2012: Dental Implant Centre in Minsk (general dentist).
2012 – 2014: Dům zubní péče (general dentist).
2015 – 2017: Dental clinic Bio Dent (general dentist).
2017: Stomatologie Chodov (head dentist and professional guarantor).

Other qualifications

2014: Theoretical-practical course From endodontics to final treatment (M.Belograd).
18.02.2014: Immediate implant placement and temporary crowns in the aesthetic zone.
15.04.2014: Post endodontic treatment in practice.
08.10.2015: Prague Dental Days 2015.
15.01.2016: Implantology Curriculum ČSI – Introduction to implantology.
04.03.2016: Layers (Jordi P. Manauta).
11.03.2016: Implantology Curriculum ČSI – Propaedeutics in implantology.
12.03.2016: Implantology Curriculum ČSI – Implantology vs. periodontics vs. endodontics.
23.09.2016: Implantology Curriculum ČSI – The relations between diagnosis, planning, and achieving complex rehabilitation.
25.09.2016: Implantology Curriculum ČSI – The basics of digital CBCT a Computer Guided Surgery.
14.10.2016: Implantology Curriculum ČSI – Individual dental implants – the integration of implantology into practice.
27.10.2016: Dental Forum (MUDr. Petr Hajný, Petr Myšička, Milos Miladinov).
20.01.2017: Implantology Curriculum ČSI – Augmentation.
17.03.2017: Implantology Curriculum ČSI - Implants and tooth replacement- Prosthetics I.
26.06.2017: Endodontics made simpler and more effective (KaVo Kerr).

Dentist Dr. Vasili Kharashun Stomatologie Chodov s.r.o.

Dentist Dr. Vasili Kharashun.

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