Preservation dentistry

Preservation dentistry, also known as conservative dentistry, is an area which is aimed at treating diseases of hard dental tissues, the dental pulp and the periodontium.

Tooth decay treatment

Tooth decay is an infectious disease of hard tooth tissues, and is caused by bacteria contained in the dental plaque which covers the surface of the tooth as a result of insufficient dental hygiene.

If the tooth has been damaged only to a lesser extent, our clinic uses high-quality photo-composite fillings. Using magnifying technology (magnifying glasses or microscope), your dentist will create a white filling whose colour and shape will exactly match that of your existing tooth. When administered correctly, these fillings have a very long lifespan.

In the case of greater damage to the tooth, we produce highly aesthetic Inlay Onlay Overlay ceramic fillings (produced using CAD/CAM technology).

Endodontic therapy

Some of the most frequent complications associated with tooth decay include pulp inflammation (pulpitis) and the spread of the infection through the root canal all the way to the bone (periodontitis). In some cases, other tissues in the oral cavity can also be affected.

If these complications occur, it is necessary for the patient to undergo endodontic therapy (the examination and treatment of the root canal system). This treatment includes shaping, cleaning, disinfection and the hermetic filling of the decontaminated root canal.

Our clinic treats the root canal system using the latest technology:

  • Painless treatment due to local desensitization.
  • Magnifying system Carl Zeiss (Eye Mag PRO S).
  • Apex locator – electronic device for measuring the length of root canals.
  • X-Smart iQ – the latest generation cordless endodontic motor with continuous and reciprocating motion, which is used for the mechanical treatment of the root canal.
  • Rubber dam (Kofferdam) – ensuring a clean and uncontaminated operating area in the oral cavity.
  • Intraoral digital X-ray sensor.
  • Disposable tools.

Tooth reconstruction

Following endodontic therapy, the affected tooth needs to be reconstructed (post-endodontic treatment). The exact type of treatment depends on the extent of the damage to the crown part of the tooth.

Endodontically treated teeth have a higher risk of fractures (cracking), and therefore it is recommended that this treatment is followed by the reconstruction of the tooth using CAD/CAM technology (onlay/overlay or an all ceramic crown), with the goal of preserving as much of the remaining dental tissue as possible.

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